A Future For Humanity

Our meeting with the Cortosians

The Phoenix heads back to orbit to confront an incoming ship. Doing so falls within the confines of the RTO, having been asked to deal with this by the Priot.

We receive a signal from the Cortosian Warship “Infliator”.

The diplomat (Oma) comes on board with Mike B (Militor) and Controlator.

She makes small talk about waste reprocessing bacteria, invoking the trouble aspect of Phoenix.

Kae-Lynn is able to steal a Doodad Mark 1 from Controlator while Fitty-One discusses Gravtonics and their history in relations to the Perfect Sphere.

Oma admits they plans to trade Emotional Control drugs and provides samples. Fitty-One takes a pill and determines it is a very potent chemical control drug that would impact a normal human for months from just one dose.

During the three way meeting between, the Hestin’s, the Cortosian and us, Matthias flies out of Phoenix to the Cortosian ship to attempt to disable the rail gun. He successes.

Kae-Kynn takes the Doodad Mark 1 to Fitty-One to analyses it. They determine it is a recording of the Controlator’s emotions for 30 minutes.



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